Si + SiO2 Wafers

Si + SiO2 Wafers

Thermal oxide or silicon dioxide layer is formed on bare silicon surface at elevated temperature in the presence of an oxidant , the process is called thermal oxidation. Thermal oxide is normally grown in a horizontal tube furnace , at temperature range from 900°C ~ 1200°C , using either a "Wet" or "Dry" growth method .

Thermal oxide is a kind of "grown" oxide layer , compared to CVD deposited oxide layer , it has a higher uniformity, and higher dielectric strength , it is an excellent dielectric layer as an insulator . In most silicon- based devices, thermal oxide layer play an important role to pacify the silicon surface to act as doping barriers and as surface dielectrics .

Nanografi provides thermal oxide wafer in diameter from 1”  to 8”  , we always choose prime grade and defect free silicon wafer as substrate for growing high  uniformity thermal oxide layer to meet your specific requirements . 

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