Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide

Nanografi presents premium graphene oxide products, an essential advancement in the world of two-dimensional materials.

What is Graphene Oxide? - Graphene oxide is a single atomic layered materials that formed oxidized form of graphene, enhanced with oxygen functional groups. Unlike its predecessor, graphene, which is hydrophobic, graphene oxide possesses a hydrophilic nature, allowing it to disperse in aqueous solutions. This property, combined with its tunable flake size, ranging from a few nanometers to millimeters, positions graphene oxide as a transformative material in various domains of science and technology.

Properties - Graphene oxide stands out with its high surface area, making it a candidate for diverse applications, especially where interface interaction is critical. The presence of oxygen functional groups not only lends it dispersibility in water but also makes it fluorescent, providing utility in specific biosensing and biomedical applications. The atomic layers in graphene oxide can be manipulated, and through processes like chemical reduction or thermal treatments, after reduction process, the material can be converted to reduced graphene oxide (also known as reduction of graphene oxide) with varied properties.

Applications - Graphene Oxide is a versatile material pivotal in electronics, energy storage, and biosensing due to its unique properties. Its roles wide range from enhancing sensors and batteries to facilitating precision in DNA detection and promising drug delivery methods. Additionally, its protective coatings extend product lifespans, and when integrated with polymers, it augments composite capabilities. Its structure also offers promise in advanced filtration and hydrogen storage, highlighting its potential in future technological applications.

Delve into our exclusive range of graphene oxide materials and solutions, and unlock the potential of tomorrow's technologies. Experience the future with Nanografi today!

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