Frequently Asked Questions


1-    How can we reach you via phone?

We encourage you to contact us via email due to COVID-19 restrictions.

2-    How long does it take my order to came to me?

Items will take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive once the order is placed.

3-    Do I have to pay any extra fee for shipping?

There is no extra shipping fee for your orders, all shipping fees in our website, unless otherwise stated, are included 35 € handling fee imposed by our contractual shipping company.

Payment and Invoice

4-    Do I have to pay only with PayPal?

You can use your PayPal account to fulfill your payment. However, you can also use your credit card through PayPal without a need of PayPal account.

5-    How can I get a quotation from your website?

Please follow this link, which you can find in our homepage also, to request for quotation.

6-    I put something wrong on my billing/shipping information. What do I do now?

Please reach us at info@nanografi.com or sales@nanografi.com as soon as possible.

7-    Can I buy X amount of Y from your website?

We kindly encourage you to ask for stock before placing an order of huge amount. You can reach us at sales@nanografi.com about stock amounts and ETA of shipment.

Products and Services

8-    May I see Your ISO 9001:2015 Certificate?

Sure, you can see it from this link

9-    Can I have any technical assistance from you about any product/my order?

We have a paid system for consultation services, please reach us from contact page. If you have any other technical question, please send an email at info@nanografi.com

10-  How do I reach MSDS file for a product?

You can find respective MSDS files in the bottom of product pages in our website. Should you have any problem about them, you can write at info@nanografi.com to get the MSDS file.

11-  What is Mesh? 1 mesh equals to how many microns?

You can check this document.

12-  What are the differences between graphene, graphene oxide, and reduced graphene oxide?

You can check this article

13-  Do you have Armchair type CNT?

Armchair, zigzag and chiral types are present.

14-  What are the main advantages and disadvantages of using multi walled carbon nanotube, double walled carbon nanotubes, and single walled carbon nanotube?

You can check this article

15-  Can You tell me PTFE Woven Fabric production steps?

Firstly, trichloromethane (TFE) is synthesized with pyrolysis. After then, it is polymerized by radical polymerization with the help of reaction agents in trace amounts as well as water.

16-  Can I ask something about Graphene Sheets?

You can check this article.

To get further information, feel free to reach us.