GaAs Wafer

GaAs Wafer

GaAs Wafer

The Definition and Attributes of GaAs Wafer

 A compound of arsenic and gallium elements, GaAs Wafer, is one of the products that constitute the raw materials of chips. Ga stands for gallium and As stands for arsenic in the word GaAs.

Gallium in a GaAs Wafer is in general used in the production of semiconductors, barometers, light emitting diodes, thermometers and electronic circuits. It is a silvery metal and quite soft which makes it easy to be used in chips as well. Gallium element, which is a kind of post transitional metal, has the ability to bond easily with most of the metals on earth. It is highly deployed in the production of low melting alloys.

Gallium arsenide of a GaAs Wafer has the attribute of generating laser light from electricity in a direct manner. There are two types of GaAs Wafer; polycrystalline and single crystal. These wafers are utilized in micro electronics and opto electronics production in order to make LED, microwave circuits and LD. It is deployed in solar panels also.

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