Ytterbium Oxide Sputtering Targets

Ytterbium Oxide Sputtering Targets

Ytterbium oxide is the chemical compound with the chemical formula of Yb2O3. Ytterbium Oxide is one of the more commonly encountered compounds of ytterbium.

One of the application of ytterbium oxide sputtering targets is deposition on silicon materials. As all we may know the enormous growth and the significant progress of information technology in the modern world are based to a very large extent on the SiO2 /Si interface properties. The industry’s demand for greater integrated circuit functionality and performance at lower cost requires an increased circuit density, which is translated into a higher density of transistors on a wafer. Currently, this need is satisfied by introducing advanced materials in the gate of the transistors. By employing nitride/oxynitride gate stacks, functional complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor transistors with physical gate thicknesses ,4 nm have been demonstrated.

Unfortunately, although silicon microelectronic devices will be manufactured with SiO2 and Si–O–N for the foreseeable future, continued scaling of integrated circuit devices will necessitate the introduction of an alternate gate dielectric once the SiO2 gate dielectric thickness approaches 1.5 nm. Indeed, the extremely small physical thickness typically required for the gate dielectric results in large leakage current, which is expected to increase power consumption.

Yttrium oxide can be deposited on silicon by rf-magnetron sputtering, electron-beam evaporation, laser ablation and ion beam sputtering, as well as by means of epitaxy has been proposed as a candidate oxide to replace SiO2.

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