Tungsten Disulfide Sputtering Targets

Tungsten Disulfide Sputtering Targets

Tungsten disulfide is the chemical compound with the formula WS2. It occurs naturally as the rare mineral tungstenite. Tungsten disulfide is a component of certain catalysts used for hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrification.

Now let's take a look how tungsten disulfide sputtering targets can be used. We all know that as the development of science and technology, especially flourishing development of space technology, the requirement of lubricating material has been increasing accordingly.

Development high-performance solid lubricating material has been exigent problem. Transition metal dichalcogenides are layered semiconductors. They have been extensively studied in the form of thin films for their potential applications in photovoltaic solar cells. These are layered compound semiconductors and crystallize in the hexagonal form P63/mmc. Each layer consists of metal layer sandwiched between two chalcogen layers in a trigonal prismatic structure. They exhibit in-plane strong covalent bonds between the metal and chalcogen atoms and weak Van der Waals type interactions between the layers. In recent decade, some transition metal dichalcogenides, such as tungsten disulphide and molybdenum disulfide, are well known for their solid lubricating behavior and used for solid lubricants due to their extreme degree of anisotropy of the layered crystal structures. Under a shearing force the basal planes slide back and forth over one another by intracrystalline slip and transfer to the rubbing counterface. As a late-model excellent solid lubrication films tungsten disulfide films performance is better than classical molybdenum disulfide films in some aspects. So the tribological behavior of tungsten disulfide films has been paid more and more attention. We can obtain tungsten disulfide thin films by some different methods, but in laboratory the RF magnetron sputtering is the most efficient method. As the deposition parameters different, properties of tungsten disulfide thin films obtained by RF magnetron sputtering are inevitable different. 

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