Borophene Dispersion

Borophene Dispersion

Borophene is known as atomically thin, two-dimensional sheets of boron. Borophene has remarkable properties like, high electrical conductivity, flexibility and other mechanical, thermal, magnetic and optical properties. Unique properties of borophene continuous as the negative Poisson's ratio, and highly anisotropic Young's modulus. The conductive and superconductive properties of boron are also highlighted. Electronic properties of borophene can be beneficially tuned for various applications.

Borophene Dispersion Applications

Due to their excellent electronic and mechanical properties Borophene is highly used in electronic devices and enegy storage like;

  • Supercapacitor,
  • Metal ion batteries,
  • Sensors and biomedical applications.

Due to their good volumetric hydrogen storage capacity Borophene also used in;

  • Hydrogen storage.

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