Silver Paste

Silver Paste

What is Silver Paste?

Silver paste, commonly known as silver conductive paste, is an indispensable material in the electronics industry. It's predominantly comprised of silver particles mixed with a binder and solvent. This mixture grants it excellent electrical conductivity properties. Its ability to provide robust and reliable electrical connections, while also offering thermal benefits, positions it as a go-to material in modern electronics manufacturing.

How to Use Silver Paste?

Clean and dry the application surface completely, stir the paste well, ensuring no particles are settled at the container's bottom, use a brush for an even application. For spray methods, dilute with a Pu Solvent at a 2:1 ratio, allow it to dry for about 10 minutes, adjust based on room temperature and for the best coating, air-dry for 4-8 hours.

Applications of Silver Paste

It has various application areas such as photovoltaic solar cells, thick film circuits, semiconductor die connection. Silver paste plays a crucial role in the production of solar cells by providing efficient electrical connection, while silver paste is used to create conductive paths and components in the fabrication of thick-film circuits. In addition, it has become one of the promising materials in the industry by providing a stable electrical and thermal connection between the semiconductor die and its package.

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    Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste

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