Titanium Carbide Sputtering Targets

Titanium Carbide Sputtering Targets

Titanium carbide, which has the chemical formula of TiC, is an extremely hard refractory ceramic material. It has the appearance of black powder. Titanium carbide is used in preparation of cermets, which are frequently used to machine steel materials at high cutting speed. It is also used as an abrasion-resistant surface coating on metal parts, such as tool bits and watch mechanisms and as a heat shield coating for atmospheric reentry of spacecraft.

Titanium carbide thin films have been classically used as protective hard coatings due to the good mechanical properties like high hardness, corrosion resistance, and low wear properties, that sustained up to 400 oC. Recently, this material has increased its technological interest because of its use as composite coatings TiC–C. For the deposition of titanium carbide, several processes are used: chemical vapour deposition (CVD), plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition and physical vapour deposition (PVD).

Sputtering deposition is a PVD process that is increasingly used in industrial hard coating deposition because it is a low temperature process and it uses unpolluting products.

And also in the field of wear prevention, the use of hard coatings is often desirable. One of the most attractive methods of applying these coatings is by radiofrequency (rf) sputtering. Many hard coatings applied by rf sputtering have been examined for wear resistance. These studies have shown that coatings of refractory compounds, such as titanium carbide, can provide good wear protection and, in many cases, low friction.

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