Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotube is the form of carbon element that show spectacular electrical and optical properties. They are in the form of thin empty cylinders. Elastic modulus of carbon nanotubes is nearly 1 TPa (it is known that elastic modulus of diamond is 1,2 TPa). It has higher strength than steel at the same weight. Another significant property of carbon nanotube is carrying electricity so that it carries 1000 times more than copper and silver do. Moreover, at high tempreatures it preserves its unique properties for more with respect to other materials. Because of these great characteristics, it replaces many materials in the industry.

Most single-walled nanotubes (SWNT) have a diameter of close to 1 nanometer, with a tube length that can be many millions of times longer. Uses:

  • Electronic nano devices (diode, transistor,nanowires vs.)
  • Field emission
  • Multifunctional composite materials (emi, thermal conductivity, high strength, electrical conductivity)
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Rechargeable li batterries
  • Super capacitors, organic solar cells and touchable screens
  • Biosensors
  • Many other uses…
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