Cobalt Oxide Micron Powder

Cobalt Oxide Micron Powder

Cobalt is noncorrosive hard metal that can be used in electroplating, in high density magnetic storage, diamond tools, battery materials due to their magnetic, thermal and chemical properties. In particular, hollow structured cobalt oxide powders have good characteristics for use as anode materials in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs).Cobalt oxides have a wide range of applications in various industrial fields. Among the various cobalt oxides, Co3O4 is an important ceramic oxide used for electrochemical, magnetic and catalytic applications.Cobalt micron powders demonstrate high lithium storage capacity and good cyclability, so they could serve as an anode material in place of the traditional carbon used in present lithium-ion batteries, they also has considerable potential for use in metal–air batteries and fuel cells because it can catalyze the reduction of molecular oxygen to O2− ions in an alkaline solution . Cobalt Oxide Micron Powder is used extensively in the ceramics industry as an additive to create blue colored glazes and enamels. Various methods have been used to prepare Co3O4 particles, e.g., mechanochemical synthesis, polymer combustion route, gel hydrothermal oxidation, reduction–oxidation route, pulsed laser deposition, spray pyrolysis technique.

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  • CoO(Cobalt Oxide) Micron Powder(Black), 325 Mesh, 99.99 %

    Cobalt Oxide (CoO) Micron Powder, Purity: 99.99 %, Size: 325 mesh

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