Thermoplastic Carbon Paste for Long-term Cell Degradation

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Thermoplastic Carbon Paste for Long-term Cell Degradation

Carbon paste designed for Perovskite Solar Cells represents a pioneering breakthrough in the field of photovoltaics. Engineered to meet the specific demands of Perovskite Solar Cell technology, this advanced material plays a crucial role in the creation of highly conductive electrode structures. By facilitating efficient charge transport and minimizing energy losses, the carbon paste significantly enhances the power conversion efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells, driving the development of more efficient and sustainable solar energy solutions.

We have created a unique carbon paste made for Perovskite solar cells that makes it possible to build electrode structures that are very conductive. Our thermoplastic carbon paste ensures rapid drying at low temperatures (<100 C) while maintaining a sheet resistance of less than 10 /square/25 m, making it ideal for screen printing and blade coating procedures. Proprietary chemicals are incorporated into the paste to improve charge transfer from the perovskite layers, improving the paste's work function. This paste presents a viable method for getting the best performance in Perovskite Solar Cells as a reliable and affordable substitute to gold sputtering.

Technical Properties:



Viscosity (Uncured)

9-19 Pa.S

Solids Content (150℃)

43-46% (130oC,30 min)

Sheet Resistance (70ºC cure, 20 mins)

<10 Ω/ /25µm (70oC, 20 min)






Perovskite solar cells, PET

Deposition Method

Flat-bed screen or blade coating


180 mesh PE, 45µm wire diameter, 22,5°, 13 µm emulsion

Flood Speed

50 mm/s

Print Speed

50 mm/s

Screen Resisdence Time

<2 hrs using a print-flood process












  • Perovskite Solar Cell 


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