LK-99 Raw Materials

LK-99 Raw Materials

Leading the wave of innovation, Nanografi unveils superior raw materials tailored to the LK-99 synthesis.

What is the LK-99? - LK-99 is a copper-doped lead-oxyapatite compound that was first synthesized in 1999 by a team of researchers from Korea University. It is a gray-black, polycrystalline material that has been reported to be a superconductor at room temperature and ambient pressure. This would be a major breakthrough, as all other known superconductors require either very low temperatures or high pressures to operate.

The chemical formula of LK-99 is CuO25P6Pb9. It has a hexagonal crystal structure and a density of 6.699 g/cm3. The material is synthesized by a solid-state reaction method, starting with the elements copper, lead, oxygen, and phosphorus.

Applications of LK-99

  • Power transmission
  • Medical imaging
  • Quantum computing
  • Magnetic levitation
  • Electric vehicles
  • Wind turbines
  • Space exploration
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