Cobalt Acetate (C4H6CoO4), Purity: > 98%

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Cobalt acetate (C4H6CoO4), Purity: > 98%


The presence of the cobalt ion in cobalt(II) acetate causes it to crystallize and have a tendency to form complexes with other molecules. It is extensively utilized in electroplating, catalysis, and the synthesis of nanomaterials. As a reagent to check for the presence of acetate ions in solutions, it is also utilized as a drying agent for paints and varnishes. Studies on Iron Air Batteries are another popular topic of interest.


  • A cathode materials for battery studies
  • A precursor to synthesize cobalt titanium oxide catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction.
  • A starting material to prepare polymer stabilized Co nanocatalyst for growing carbon nanofibers.
  • A catalyst for direct amination of azoles under mild reaction conditions.
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