High Energy Ball Mill

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  • High Energy Ball Mill
  • High Energy Ball Mill


High Energy Ball Mill

Ball Mill is a grinder that blends or grinds materials for various applications. Impact force enables size reduction in feed material. The main element enabling grinding is the hard and small balls in the ball mill. These balls are usually made of steel. They can also be zirconia or agate etc. High Energy Ball Mill is a vital instrument for mixing high-tech materials, creating fine-grained powders, conducting sample experiments, developing new products, and producing small batches. With its compact size, high efficiency, low noise, and functional capabilities, it is an ideal tool for R&D institutions, university laboratories, and enterprise labs to obtain multiple samples simultaneously. Additionally, when equipped with a vacuum ball mill tank, it can produce powder samples under vacuum conditions.


Materials such as pigments, feldspar for pottery or coal are grinded by ball mills. The main mechanism which ensures the size reduction is the critical speed which can be defined as the speed at which steel balls are responsible for the size reduction mechanism. The smaller steel balls are used, the smaller final product is obtained. The Mini Planetary Ball Mill features four ball grinding tanks mounted on a single turntable. As the turntable rotates, the tanks revolve around their own axes, resulting in planetary movements. The high-speed movement of the balls and samples within the tanks leads to strong impact forces that eventually grind the samples into powder. This mill can be used to grind a variety of materials using either dry or wet methods.

Three Roll Milling is better than conventional mixing methods since it produces materials with;

  • Smaller particles sizes
  • Narrow distribution of sizes
  • Easy control quality

The advantages of High Energy Ball Milling:

  • Low cost of installation
  • Low cost of grinding
  • Capacity and fineness of the process can be adjusted just by changing the balls
  • Suitable for both batch and continuous operation
  • Suitable for open and closed circuit grinding
  • It can be applied to any material without hardness limitation


  • Mechanical Alloying
  • Refractory Material Production
  • Paints
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Geology and Mining
  • Environmental Science
  • Energy and Battery Industry

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