Graphene Oxide, 2-5 Layer, Dia: 7,5 µm, SA: 420 m2/gr

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  • Graphene Oxide, 2-5 Layer, Dia: 7,5 µm, SA: 420 m2/gr
  • Graphene Oxide, 2-5 Layer, Dia: 7,5 µm, SA: 420 m2/gr


1 gram / 75 
5 grams / 269.50                           
25 grams / 742.50                        

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Graphene Oxide, 2-5 Layer, SA: 420 m2/gr

Graphene oxide (GO) is obtained by manipulatinging graphite with oxidisers, and results in a compound of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen in variable ratios. The structure and properties of Graphene Oxide (GO) are dependenton the particular synthesis method and degree of oxidation but it still preserves the layer structure of the parent graphite. 

Graphene Oxide has a notable advantage by comparison with other 2d materials (such as graphene) due to be easily dispersed within solution; allowing for processing at high concentrations. This has opened it up for use in applications such as optical coatings, transparent conductors, thin-film batteries, chemical resistant coatings, water purification, and many more. 

In this regard, as the Nanografi, we supply Graphene Oxide to fulfill our customers needs. 

Technical Properties of Graphene Oxide

Purity 99.8%
Average Number of Graphene Layers Few Layer Graphene Oxide
Average Diameter (µm) 7.5
Surface Area (m2/gm) ≥ 420
Carbon Content (%C) 60 – 80
Oxygen Content (%O) 10 – 30
Hydrogen Content (%H) ≤ 2.00
Nitrogen Content (%N) ≤ 0.50
Color Dark Brown



                                  Graphene Oxide Raman Image for NG01GO0102 

Applications of Graphene Oxide

  • Can be used in Composite
  • Thermal management and heat spreading
  • Graphene-polymer composite materials
  • Graphene Oxide paper
  • Transparent and conductive graphene oxide coatings
  • Solar cells
  • Supercapacitors graphene oxide
  • Low permeability materials
  • High-Barrier packaging
  • Electro-static Dissipation Graphene Oxide (ESD) films
  • Support for metallic catalysts
  • Chemical-bio  graphene oxide sensors
  • Multifunctional materials based on Graphene
  • Graphene Research 


SEM Images of Graphene Oxide


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