Single Layer Graphene Oxide, Purity: 99.5 %

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  • Single Layer Graphene Oxide, Purity: 99.5 %
  • Single Layer Graphene Oxide, Purity: 99.5 %


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Single Layer Graphene Oxide Purity: 99.5 %

Single layer graphene oxide is a mono-atomic layer of highly oxidized carbon atoms, manufactured by chemical oxidation of graphite. Graphene oxide layers are about 1.1 ± 0.2 nm thick. Monolayer graphene oxide can be embedded in different ceramic or polymeric matrices to enhance electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Thanks to its excellent properties of single-layer graphene oxide, it has been involved in many applications such as Graphene and polymers manufacture, water purification, flexible rechargeable battery electrode, optically transparent films, papers, sensors, nanocarriers for metal catalysis, anti-electrostatic additives and many more. 

As the Nanografi, we supply the greates quality Single Layer Graphene Oxide with high quantities and more types for different applications and requirements.  

Technical Properties of Single Layer Graphene Oxide

Purity 99.5%
C 68.55%
O 30.90%
Free C 0.41%
S 0.14%
Color dark brown-black

Applications of Single Layer Graphene Oxide

  • Energy Storage
  • Biomedical Applications
  • Biosensors


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