The Science Behind Grafen Nokta: Innovative Revolution in Brand Protection

The Science Behind Grafen Nokta: Innovative Revolution in Brand Protection

Nanotechnology has witnessed tremendous growth, blurring the boundaries between science and wonder. 

Nanotechnology, with its remarkable advancements, has propelled us into an era where science fiction meets reality. At the forefront of this revolution lies Quantum Dots (QDs), exhibiting unique properties derived from quantum mechanics. From medicine to electronics, biology to photonics, quantum dots are transforming industries and opening new frontiers for scientific exploration and discovery.


Quantum dots were first discovered independently by physicists Alexey Ekimov and Louis E. Brus at Bell Labs in the early 1980s. Quantum Dots are found within a glass matrix, demonstrating size-dependent behavior, and offering scientists unprecedented control over their properties. It was not until the early 2000s, with significant advancements in nanotechnology, when quantum dots garnered widespread attention although their improved production techniques and better-controlled characteristics. Quantum dots have already begun to revolutionize existing technologies while simultaneously opening doors to entirely new realms. This synergy promises an exciting future of scientific breakthroughs and transformative advancements across sectors.

In light of these developments, Nanografi as a subsidiary of Ahlatcı Holding has recently introduced a cutting-edge brand protection method called Grafen Nokta, which utilizes graphene quantum dots (GQDs) to provide a distinct and multi-level authentication system. This high-security brand protection technology, which is applied directly to the surface of Ahlatcı Metal Rafineri gold for the first time in the world, also offers a unique security combination for all industries. Let's dive into what is the Grafen Nokta.

Discover Grafen Nokta's Brand Protection Technology

What is the Grafen Nokta?

Grafen Nokta sets a new standard in brand protection technology. For the first time worldwide, an advanced technology marking system called Grafen Nokta has been directly applied to gold utilizing the unparalleled combination of advanced technology and its remarkable features, providing superior security against counterfeiting and fraud. Developed in Nanografi's state-of-the-art high-tech laboratories by expert scientists, Grafen Nokta exemplifies indelible, impervious, and invisible features that ensure the highest level of security and authenticity.

Multi-layered Security Barriers: Grafen Nokta offers a powerful blend of advanced security features, meticulously crafted to form an impenetrable signature that poses immense challenges to duplication or counterfeiting. With its multi-layered security barriers, Grafen Nokta delivers a fortified shield, offering unparalleled protection against fraudulent activities.

Invisible Signature, Visible Confidence: The signature generated by Grafen Nokta technology remains invisible to the naked eye, ensuring discreet security. However, under UV light, it becomes detectable with peace of mind.

Indelible and Impervious Marking: Grafen Nokta produces an indelible and impervious marking that cannot be erased or removed without causing damage to the underlying gold. This ensures the longevity and integrity of the marking, enhancing its reliability even more.

Easy and Quick Detection by the User: Grafen Nokta enables users to quickly and easily detect the signature providing a simple and reliable way to authenticate gold. With Grafen Nokta, you can have confidence in the authenticity of your gold.

Practical Feasibility: Regardless of the form or size of your gold, Grafen Nokta provides a versatile solution for security marking and authentication signatures. Grafen Nokta can be applied onto gold surfaces with practical and cost-effective implementation, without posing any additional challenges to gold production processes.

First-ever hallmarking technology directly put on gold

“The most durable, fast and secure Brand Protection technology.”

Grafen Nokta is pioneering breakthroughs in brand protection technology. Grafen Nokta stands out as the most durable, fast, and secure technology in brand protection, which is essential in all sectors and a major challenge for brands. Its highly secure application provides unique security measures against counterfeiting and fraud, without adding extra time to the production process when installed in manufacturing facilities. It offers a glamorous effect under UV light without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the product, thanks to its invisible, indelible and indomitable features.

What are the potential applications of Grafen Nokta?

Grafen Nokta presents a versatile solution for brand protection, finding applications in various industries. It safeguards banknotes and currency, valuable documents, cosmetics, sunglasses, vehicle parts, clothes, accessories, construction materials, metals, medicines, and more. It ensures authenticity, integrity, and quality with its wide-ranging capabilities, Grafen Nokta offers surface protection for any imaginable product. With its advanced material technology and commitment to high security, Grafen Nokta stands out as one of the world's most robust solution partners in the field.


Nanografi's innovative approach to brand protection, through the direct application of Grafen Nokta on gold, symbolizes a leap in security and authentication methods. The versatility of its application across myriad industries, from fashion to pharmaceuticals, positions Grafen Nokta as a revolutionary tool in ensuring product authenticity. As counterfeit activities continue to challenge global markets, solutions like Grafen Nokta not only provide enhanced security but also bolster confidence in product legitimacy. The future of brand protection looks brighter and more secure with groundbreaking technologies such as this.

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28th Aug 2023 Nanografi Research Team

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