Join Us in Pioneering the Future of Graphene: Collaboration Opportunities Await!

Join Us in Pioneering the Future of Graphene: Collaboration Opportunities Await!

Researchers, Business Leaders, and Academics,

Ever since the world was introduced to the unique properties of graphene, the boundaries of science and technology have been expanded. At Nanografi, we open our doors to you esteemed professionals in this dynamic and innovative field. In this case, we gladly announce that Nanografi supports graphene research & projects.

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What does collaborating with Nanografi offer in terms of graphene research and projects?

Scientific Synergy: Nanografi provides an unparalleled platform for research, promoting a symbiotic relationship where we can jointly explore graphene's diverse applications.

Industrial Partnerships & Projects: The industrial promise of graphene is immense. We extend our hand in partnership, offering support at every juncture, from ideation to implementation.

Global Outreach: We are positioned to showcase your groundbreaking work on both national and international stages, ensuring your innovations garner the recognition they merit.

Why Nanografi?

Expertise: Our experienced team, steeped in the nuances of nanotechnology and advanced material sciences, is an invaluable asset in bringing your ideas to fruition.

Global Network: With significant inroads in over 100 countries, and a strong foothold in Türkiye, our global experience equips us to facilitate and expedite your projects.

Our Vision: At Nanografi, we're not just looking at the horizon, we're striving to push it further. Our mission is to harness the full spectrum of possibilities graphene offers, always with an eye on pioneering tomorrow's innovations today.

As we stand at the nexus of technological revolution, the role of graphene is undeniable. We firmly believe that collaborative efforts amplify impact. 

Let's delve deeper into Nanografi's GREENGRAPHENE project to better comprehend the uniqueness of Nanografi.

Case Study: In-Depth Look at Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Winner Project GREENGRAPHENE


Nanografi, a pioneering entity in the field of graphene production, has been recognized by the European Union's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1. Our innovative and eco-conscious GREENGRAPHENE production method has secured them a position to establish one of the most extensive graphene manufacturing facilities globally.


While graphene's superior attributes have revolutionized numerous sectors, its adoption has been restrained due to its high production costs and environmental sustainability issues.


  • High production costs made graphene less accessible for many potential applications.
  • Conventional production methodologies for graphene were not environment-friendly.
  • The significant global market, especially the composites industry, hesitated to fully adopt graphene due to the cost barriers.


  • In 2016, Nanografi introduced the GREENGRAPHENE process, a groundbreaking method that ensures eco-friendly production, nearly zero waste, and dramatically reduced costs, all while maintaining top-tier quality.
  • Their cutting-edge technique projects the production of superior quality graphene at prices below €85/kg when scaled to 100 tonnes/year within a half-decade.
  • This method is both economically appealing and champions environmental responsibility.

Future Implications

  • Nanografi's innovative approach is tailored to accommodate the anticipated surge in graphene demand, predicted to exceed 10 thousand tons annually in the forthcoming five years.
  • Their technique offers a solution to the current global manufacturing shortfall, which stands at under 1000 tons.
  • The substantial cost reduction has the potential to spur graphene's integration into the booming composites industry, currently valued at €63.2 billion.


  • For those eager to delve into the multifaceted applications of graphene, Nanografi offers a comprehensive guide titled "60 Uses and Applications of Graphene"
  • Nanografi's store is also open for those interested in their wide range of products.


The GREENGRAPHENE Initiative is a testament to Nanografi's foresight and commitment to melding innovation with real-world needs. By presenting an affordable, high-caliber, and sustainable solution, they are not only shaping the existing industrial paradigm but also sculpting a brighter, more sustainable future for industries reliant on graphene.

Beyond the Future with Nanografi 

Graphene, with its unparalleled properties, represents the cornerstone of next-generation technologies. Nanografi stands at the helm of this innovation wave, ready to redefine industry standards. But true innovation thrives on collaboration. We recognize the myriad of untapped potentials, ideas, and projects that are waiting for the right partnership, resources, and platform to flourish. That's why we invite you – the thinkers, researchers, and pioneers of today – to bring your vision to us. Whether it's a seed of an idea or a fully-fledged research project, there's an opportunity awaiting Nanografi.

Share Your Vision with Us! 

Are you ready to be a part of the graphene revolution? Reach out to us with your projects, research, or ideas. Let's explore, invest, and innovate for a better tomorrow.

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21st Aug 2023 Nanografi

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