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  • One of the most important uses of Fullerene is medicine.
  • Fullerenes are active molecules.
  • Fullerene molecule can be used as an antioxidant because it can easily react with radicals due to the high affinity of the electron.
  • At the same time, Fullerene is used as an anti-aging and anti-damage agent in the cosmetic sector.
  • Fullerenes are used as antiviral agents. This use is provided by its unique molecular structure, antioxidant effect and biological compatibility.

    Fullerenes, their Properties, Medical Applications of them, and their Role in Drug Delivery

    Fullerene Depiction

  • Some Fullerenes can form conjugates with proteins and DNA. This situation is thought to help the development of anti-cancer treatments.
  • Fullerene molecule can be used in drug delivery area. The surface of Fullerene is covered with a chemotherapeutic agent. This agent finds the cancer cell and is transported directly there.
  • It has also been shown that the Fullerene reagent forms a protective layer on the DNA and extends the DNA life of the endosomes.
  • May be used for osteoporosis treatment because of its preferential localization.

Fullerene-C70, Purity: 95%Polyhydroxylated Fullerene (Fullerenols)/ C60, (-OH) Functionalized, Dispersed in Water, 2000 ppm Dry powder

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