Silver Conductive Paste, Surface Curing: ~80℃

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Silver Conductive Paste

Surface Curing: 60℃~100℃ (20-40 min); Room Temperature (2~5 Hours) 


Silver paste, commonly known as silver conductive paste, is an indispensable material in the electronics industry. It's predominantly comprised of silver particles mixed with a binder and solvent. This mixture grants it excellent electrical conductivity properties. Its ability to provide robust and reliable electrical connections, while also offering thermal benefits, positions it as a go-to material in modern electronics manufacturing.

Technical Properties

Solid Content  70 wt%
Viscosity 6000-9000 CP (25/10rpm)
Decomposition Temperaute 200℃
Glass Transitiın Temperature 55℃
Shear Strength > 3 MPa
Impact Strength > 6 kg/5000pa
Working Temperature -50℃~150
Volume Specific Resistance 0.002Ω/cm
Thermal Conductivity 2.5 w/m2℃
Surface Curing Conditions 60~100(20-40 min); Room Temperature(2~5 Hours)


It has various application areas such as photovoltaic solar cells, thick film circuits, semiconductor die connection. Silver paste plays a crucial role in the production of solar cells by providing efficient electrical connection, while silver paste is used to create conductive paths and components in the fabrication of thick-film circuits. In addition, it has become one of the promising materials in the industry by providing a stable electrical and thermal connection between the semiconductor die and its package.

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