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  • Holey Super Graphene (hG), often referred to as holey graphene in the academic community, is a specialized form of graphene characterized by intentional nanometer-sized or mesoscale holes, which confer unique electronic and chemical properties.   Buy Holey Super Graphene now and enhance your research & projects efficiancy.
  • Holey Super Graphene


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Holey Super Graphene


Holey Super Graphene (hG), often referred to as holey graphene in the academic community, is a specialized form of graphene characterized by intentional nanometer-sized or mesoscale holes, which confer unique electronic and chemical properties.   This material retains the properties of graphene while at the same time adding new capabilities. In addition to the known properties of graphene, it stands out with its superior properties such as ultra-high conductivity, high surface area and better electrochemical performance. Buy Holey Graphene now and enhance your research & projects efficiancy.

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Technical Properties of Holey Super Graphene

Sheet Resistance 1155 ohm/sqr
Electrical Conductivity     >800 S/m
Volume Resistivity 0.11 ohm.cm
Pore Size >50 nm

XRD Analysis of Holey Super Graphene

TEM Images of Holey Super Graphene


Raman Analysis of Holey Super Graphene

FTIR Analysis of Holey Super Graphene

Applications of Holey Super Graphene

Holey Super Graphene's exceptional properties — including ultra-high conductivity, expansive surface area, and superior electrochemical performance — position it as an adaptable material ideal for a broad spectrum of applications, from energy storage to environmental sensing. Its high conductivity will benefit energy storage by providing fast charge-discharge processes and long life advantages in battery and supercapacitor technologies. It will also find use in many different fields, from membranes to electronic devices, fuel cells to gas sensors, water treatment systems to hydrogen storage and biological research. You can find a summary list below. 

  • Electronics: Enhances energy storage in supercapacitors and batteries due to its large surface area and ultra-high conductivity, leading to faster charge-discharge cycles and extended battery life.
  • Sensing Technology: Utilized in sensors for detecting gases and other molecular interactions, increasing sensitivity and response time in environmental monitoring and medical diagnostics.
  • Photonics and Optoelectronics: Applied in photodetectors and light-emitting devices, improving efficiency with its unique electronic and optical properties.
  • Clean Energy: Supports fuel cells and hydrogen storage, leveraging its high surface area to improve efficiency in energy conversion and storage, contributing to cleaner energy solutions.
  • Water Purification: Filters and purifies water at the nanoscale, enabling effective desalination and removal of impurities.
  • Environmental and Safety: Acts as a sensitive material in gas sensors for environmental monitoring and industrial safety, aiding in the detection of pollutants and hazardous gases.
  • Material Enhancement: Incorporated into nanocomposite materials to boost mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties for use in aerospace, automotive, and construction.

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Holey Super Graphene Resources

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Downloadable Resources (From Nanografi's Databases)

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