Graphene Quantum Dots (1mg/ml) (GQD)

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Orange, Green and Blue Graphene Quantum Dots options are available. 

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Graphene Quantum Dots (1mg/ml) (GQD)

Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs), a specialized subset of zero-dimensional nanocrystals synthesized from graphene semiconductors, are notable for their distinct honeycomb-patterned lattice structure. These nanocrystals are uniquely compact, with dimensions that range between 1-50 nm. This size range allows for extraordinary versatility and potential in various applications, from electronics to biomedicine. The small size of GQDs contributes to their exceptional electronic and optical properties, making them ideal for innovative uses in fields such as energy, healthcare, and material science. Buy high-quality GQDs at Nanografi. 

Technical Properties of Graphene Quantum Dots

Diameter <10 nm
Wavelength Range 450-650 nm
Colors Blue, green, orange

Analyzes we provide as standard:

  • Excitation and Emission wavelength with PL Spectrophotometer

Other Extra Analyzes we can provide (extra fee must be paid for these analyzes)

  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Quantum Yield
  • Fluorescence Lifetime

Applications of Graphene Quantum Dots

Due to their small size, biocompatibility and low toxicity Graphene Quantum Dots have better usage than graphene and graphene oxide in terms of medical applications like:

  • Drug delivery systems.

Due to their electrical and photoluminescence properties they can also be used in:

  • Bioimaging,
  • Solar cells,
  • LEDs,
  • Sensors,
  • Supercapacitors/microsupercapacitors.

Graphene Quantum Dots (1mg/ml) (GQD) SEM/TEM Images



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