Erbium Oxide (Er2O3) Micron Powder, Purity: 99.99%, Size: 1-10 µm

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Erbium Oxide (Er2O3) Micron Powder, Purity: 99.99%, Size: 1-10 µm

Technical Properties

CAS No 12061-16-4
Appearance Fine Pink Powder
APS (D50) 1-10 µm
TREO 99% min
Er2O3/TREO 99.99% min
Tm2O3 Content 30 ppm max
Yb2O3 Content 20 ppm max
Y2O3 Content 20 ppm max
Lu2O3 Content 10 ppm max
SiO2 Content 20 ppm max
CaO Content 20 ppm max
Cl- Content 200 ppm max
L.O.I 1% max


Erbium oxide particles are well refined to reveal unique electrical, optical and photo-luminescent properties that can only be observed in a highly refined state. This fine pink powder is of great importance due to its multiple uses. It is widely used in displays, optical and laser-related applications. Erbium oxide micron powder is widely used in the production of specialty coating materials. It is also widely used in the production of computer monitors and television screens. It is an important material in the construction of various optical fibers and in laser applications where it is used as a dopant. Recently, it has also been introduced in the medical field where it is used in bio-imaging as well as biomedical. It is also used for upconversion, insulation and electronics. The efficiency and effectiveness of erbium oxide micron powder depends on the degree of purity.

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