Chromium Aluminum Boride (Cr2AlB2) Max Phase Powder, Purity: 99+%, Size: 200 mesh

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Chromium Aluminum Boride (Cr2AlB2) Max Phase Powder, Purity: 99+%, Size: 200 mesh


Chromium Aluminum Boride is a complex boride compound featuring chromium (Cr), aluminum (Al), and boron (B). This material is known for its unique combination of properties, which include high hardness, good wear resistance, and excellent thermal stability. These characteristics make it suitable for various demanding applications, such as in abrasive environments and at high temperatures.

The structure of Chromium Aluminum Boride typically involves a crystalline matrix where chromium and aluminum atoms are interspersed within a boron framework. This arrangement contributes to its remarkable mechanical strength and resilience. CrAlB can also exhibit good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, further enhancing its utility in industrial and technological applications.

Technical Properties

Appearance Dark Gray Powder
Particle Size 200 mesh
Purity 99% min

SEM Image


XRD Analysis 


Chromium Aluminum Boride (Cr2AlB2) has several applications, particularly in industries that demand materials with high hardness, thermal stability, and wear resistance. Here are some of the primary applications of this material:

  • Cutting Tools
  • Protective Coatings
  • Aerospace Components
  • Wear-Resistant Parts
  • Electrical Applications



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