Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) Nanopowder/Nanoparticles, Purity: 99.99+%, Size: 35-75 nm

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Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) Nanopowder/Nanoparticles

Purity: 99.99+%, Size: 35-75 nm 

Technical Properties:

Purity (%) 99.99+      
Color gray      
Average Particle Size (nm) 35-75      
Specific Surface Area (m2/g) 85         
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.25      
True Density (g/cm3) 7,50      
Melting Point (°C) 2800         
Boiling Point (°C) 3900         
Crystal Phase amorphous      
Elemental Analysis (%) W S Al Cl
  74,10 25,80 0.001 0.03


Tungsten disulfide nanoparticles is used in oil catalysts, and as a catalyst in hydrodesulfurization processes. It is used in semiconductors and in fuel cells.
Tungsten disulfide nanoparticles has very good preformance as solid lubricant material. It is used as solid lubricant, and dry film lubricant. It is used in
self lubricating composite materials. It is most effective in haigh pressure, high load, high vacuum, high temperature, and corrosive environments.


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