Titanium Oxynitride Nanoparticle, APS: 20 nm, Purity: 99.9%

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Titanium Oxynitride Nanoparticles, Average Particle Size: 20 nm, Purity: 99.9 %

Performance characteristics
Nano titanium oxynitride powder is prepared by high-frequency plasma gas phase synthesis method, with high purity, no free carbon black dot impurities, no ammonium chloride impurities, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, and low bulk density The nano-TiON in the photocatalyst has the advantages of stable chemical properties, strong oxidation-reduction and resistance to photocathode corrosion, insoluble, non-toxic, and low cost; it is widely used as a catalyst for photocatalytic oxidation reactions. It removes pollutants in the atmosphere and water and becomes an ideal material for solving energy and environmental problems.

Product parameters


20 nm


99.9 %

BET Surface Area

68.12 m2/g

Theoritical density

4.300 g/cm3

Bulk density

0.05 g/cm3

Melting Point

1400 °C

Boiling Point

2000 °C


Nearly Spherical



Manufacturing Method



  • Nano titanium oxynitride is used in sewage treatment: Industrial sewage contains a lot of toxic and harmful organic substances, and these pollutants are difficult to eliminate with biological treatment technology. Nano-TiON has a strong oxidizing effect under light conditions, which can cause the hydrocarbons, halogenated substances, carboxylic acids, etc. in the water to undergo redox reactions, and gradually degrade, completely oxidized into environmentally friendly CO2 and H2O and other harmless substances;
  • Nano titanium oxynitride is used in photocatalyst: The band gap of nano-TiON is less than 3.2eV, so it can still achieve catalytic degradation of toxic and harmful substances in the air under the condition of visible light with wavelengths above 400nm, and achieve the effect of purifying the environment, which is better than pure sharp Titanium dioxide photocatalyst;
  • Nano titanium oxynitride is used in self-cleaning coatings: the product has a strong catalytic oxidation effect. Adding it to the coating body can automatically decompose the organic pollutants that fall or adhere to the coating surface, and degrade into CO2, water and other substances. , Taken away with the circulation of air, in order to achieve the effect of self-cleaning;
  • Nano titanium oxynitride is used as an antibacterial agent: Nano-TiON has a strong photocatalytic sterilization effect. Under visible light irradiation, TiON decomposes water into free radicals, which enter the cell wall of bacteria, destroy the cell wall, degrade the tissue structure of the cell, and then kill the cell, which has an antibacterial and bactericidal effect;
  • Nano titanium oxynitride is used in antibacterial composite materials: TiON has a strong photocatalytic ability. Add an appropriate amount of nano TiON to polymer materials such as plastics, rubber, and fibers to make polymer composite materials, even in weak light environments , It can also prevent products from mildew and bacteria breeding;
  • nanometer titanium oxynitride is mainly used in the aerospace field. It can be used as a very thin coating to harden and protect smooth surfaces. It can also be used as a non-toxic product in medical transplantation.

Packaging and storage
This product is packaged in an inert gas plastic bag, sealed and stored in a dry, cool environment. It should not be exposed to the air to prevent oxidation and agglomeration due to moisture, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect; the number of packages can be provided according to customer requirements and packed.

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