Cobalt Titanate Green Spinel Nanopowder ( Co2TiO4)

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Product Name Cobalt Titanate Green Spinel Nanopowder (Co2TiO4)

Size: 30-50 nm
Product No: NG10NPW0949
Appearance: Green Powder
Density: 4.3 g/cm 3
pH: 7.5
Oil Absorption: 25 g/100g
Heat Fastness: ≥1000℃
Light Fastness: ≥8
Acid Fastness: ≥5
Alkali Fastness: ≥5
Pigment index number: PG50 77377

Cobalt Titanate Green Spinel, an inorganic pigment, is a reaction product of high temperature
calcination in which Cobalt (II) Oxide and Titanium (IV) Oxide in varying amounts are
homogeneously and ionically interdiffused to form a crystalline matrix of inverse spinel. This
pigment has excellent UV and visible opacity, is chemically inert, heat-resistant, and stable to
ultraviolet light. It is non-bleeding and non-migratory. It has exceptional durability and hiding
power, and is generally used in applications where resistance to heat, light, and weather are
needed. It is compatible with most resin systems and polymers, and is non-warping.


Plastics: Polyolefins, PS, ABS, engineering polymers, PVC, silicones and rubber

Coatings: Liquid architectural and industrial, powder, coil, stoving and high temperature
resistant coatings

Industrial: Cement, concrete, ceramics and glass


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