Boron Nitride (BN) Nanopowder/Nanoparticles, Purity: 99.7%, Size: 790 nm, Hexagonal

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Boron Nitride (BN) Nanopowder/Nanoparticles Purity: 99.7%, Size: 790 nm, Hexagonal 

Technical Properties:

Purity (%) 99.7      
Average Particle Size (nm) 790      
True Density (g/cm3) 2,3      
Elemental Analysis (%) Fe2O3 CaO MgO B2O3
  0.03 0.002 0.04 0.1

Storage Condition: 

Boron nitride nanoparticles should be sealed in vacuum and stored in cool and dry room. It should not be exposure to air and avoid stress.


Boron nitride nanoparticles is a super hard material. It has applications in subsurface investigation, oil drilling, and high-speed cutting tools. It is used as a metal forming and metal drawing lubricant release agent. It can be pressed into different shapes and used as high voltage, high temperature, insulation,and cooling components. It is used in transistors, plasma arc's insulators, high-voltage high frequency electricity, semi-conducting solid phase admixtures, high-frequency induction furnace materials,  atom reactor's structure materials, preventing neutron radiation's packing materials, automatic welding high-temperature coating, radar antenna's mediums, radar's pass box, and rocket engine's components. Boron nitride nanoparticles is also used as a catalyst for high temperature and high pressure treatments. It is used as a composite for ceramics, as thermally conductive filler for polymers, and as high temperature lubricant. It has also applications in the aerospace industry. It is used in heat shielding materials.


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