Aluminum-Silicon (AlSi) Alloy Powder, Al85Si15, APS: 50nm, Purity: 99.9%

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Aluminum-Silicon (AlSi) Alloy Powder, Al85Si15, APS: 50nm, Purity: 99.9%

Performance characteristics
Nano Al-Si alloy powder is prepared by gas phase CVD method, the alloy ratio can be adjusted appropriately, the purity is high, the particle size is small, the distribution is uniform, the surface area is large, the loose density is small, not easy to crack, easy to disperse, large industrial output, easy to disperse the alloy Among the materials and ceramic materials, the specific gravity is small, the weight is light, the thermal conductivity is good, the coefficient of expansion is small, the wear resistance is good, the volume stability is good, and it has certain room temperature and high temperature mechanical properties.

Product parameter


50 nm


99.9 %

BET Surface Area

29.64 m2/g

Theoritical density

2.684 g/cm3

Bulk density

0.896 g/cm3

Melting Point

400 °C

Boiling Point

1100 °C




Black Powder

Manufacturing Method


1. Nano aluminum-silicon alloy powder, used for sintering aluminum-silicon alloy, making low and medium-strength castings with complex shapes, such as cover plates, motor shells, brackets, etc., and also used as brazing solder;
2. In the nano-aluminum-silicon alloy powder, when the silicon content is low, the aluminum-silicon alloy has better ductility and is commonly used as a deformed alloy; when the silicon content is higher, the aluminum-silicon alloy melt has better filling properties and is commonly used for making Cast alloy. In the aluminum-silicon alloy with silicon content exceeding the Al-Si eutectic point, when the silicon particle content is as high as 14.5% to 25%, adding a certain amount of Ni, Cu, Mg and other elements can improve its comprehensive mechanical properties. They can be used in automobile engines instead of cast iron cylinders to significantly reduce weight. The aluminum-silicon alloy used in the cylinder can be electrochemically treated to etch the surface aluminum and retain the primary silicon dots embedded in the substrate on the inner wall of the cylinder, and its scratch resistance and wear resistance can be significantly improved. Among them, the alloy with silicon content of 11% to 13% has become one of the piston materials due to its light weight, low expansion coefficient and high corrosion resistance;
3. Antioxidant of refractory material.

Packaging and storage
This product is packaged in an inert gas glass bottle, sealed and stored in a dry, cool environment. It should not be exposed to the air to prevent oxidation and agglomeration due to moisture, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect; the number of packages can be provided according to customer requirements and packed.


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