Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) Micron Powder, Gamma, Purity: 99.9+%, Size: 1 µm

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5 grams: 9                           
25 grams: 22                        
100 grams: 52                     
500 grams: 161                    
1000 grams: 278 

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Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) Micron Powder Gamma, Purity: 99.9+%, Size: 1 µm

Fe2O3 micron powder is a fine powder composed of very small particles of iron(III) oxide, also known as ferric oxide. In micron powder form, Fe2O3 has a much larger surface area to volume ratio than its bulk counterpart, making it useful in a wide range of applications.

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Applications of Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)

Iron oxide micron powders are widely used as a composite material in plastics, rubber, alloys, and wear-resistant materials.
It is applied for coatings and anti-corrosion. It is also used in;

  • Lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries,
  • Catalyst,
  • Sensors,
  • Biomedical imaging,
  • Drug delivery,
  • Radar absorbing material.


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