Holmium (Ho) Micron Powder, Purity: 99.5 %, Size: 325 mesh

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Holmium (Ho) Micron Powder

Purity: 99.5 %, Size: 325 mesh 

Technical Properties:


99.5 %

Particle Size

325 mesh 


8.795 g/cc

Melting Point

1474 °C

Boiling Point

2695 °C

Electrical Resistivity

87.0 microhm-cm @ 25 °C


Holmium has the highest magnetic moment of any naturally occurring element. It can be found in minerals
such as gadolinite and monazite. It is stable in dry air at room temperature, but it oxidises rapidly in moist
air and at elevated temperatures.

Holmium has application in glass and ceramic manufacturing. It is used as a yellow and red glass colouriser.
It is also used in cubic zirconia to give dichroic colour in yellow. Because of its high magnetic moment Holmium
is used to create strong artificial magnetic fields. It is also used in
microwave equipments that are used for
eye-safe medical and dental technologies.


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