Mini Pellet Press

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Mini Pellet Press

A mini pellet press is a device used for making small pellets or tablets from powder or granular materials. The 7mm pellet die assembly provided is designed to fit securely onto the press's lower piston and comes with a pellet ring that holds the sample pellet after pressing. You can easily place this ring in the spectrometer's sample chamber. Mini pellet presses are useful for producing small batches of tablets or pellets for research and development purposes, or for producing customized pellets for specific applications. The Mini-Pellet Press is a laboratory hydraulic press that is ideal for beginners who want to prepare high-quality 7mm KBr pellets for transmission FTIR analysis.

As the Nanografi, we supply Mini Pellet Press with high quality and suitable for various applications and requirements. 

Technical Properties of Mini Pellet Press

Pressure Range 0-2 T
Piston Diameter 28 mm
Piston Stroke 5 mm
Pressure Stability 1 MPa/10 min
Diameter of Worktable 45 mm
Number of Columns 2 Columns
Column Spacing 54x55 mm
Dimensions 100x220x220 mm
Equipment Weight 4.8 kg

Applications of Mini Pellet Press

  • Ideal for FTIR/KBr pellet preparation
  • The press operates fully hydraulically and includes an integrated pressure gauge.
  • It's easy to operate and requires minimal training.
  • The press is compact and lightweight.
  • The cost of owning and maintaining it is low.
  • Mini pellet presses can be used in the chemical industry to produce compressed pellets of chemicals for easy transport and storage.
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