Graphene Sheet, Size: 29 cm x 39 cm, Thickness: 35 µm, Highly Conductive

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  • Graphene Sheet 29x 59 cm
  • Graphene Sheet, Size: 29 cm x 39 cm, Thickness: 35 µm, Highly Conductive


1 graphene sheet/118 
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20 graphene sheet/1380 € 

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Graphene Sheet

29 cm x 39 cm, Highly Conductive, Thickness: 35 µm

Graphene sheets are essentially the finest materials in the world. Graphene sheet is a one-atom-thick planar sheet of
carbon iotas which are intensively packed in a hexagonal lattice structure. Graphene sheets show high electrical conductance
at room temperatures. They are used as fillers for the improvement of electrical and mechanical properties in composite materials.
Graphene sheets have a vital importance for applications in biomaterials, biosensors, biomedical devices and drug delivery.
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Technical Properties:  

Size (cm)

29 x 59

Thickness (µm)


Thermal Conductivity In Plane (W/mK)


Density (gr/cm3)


Tensile Strength (MPa)


Electrical Conductivity In Plane (S/cm)


EMI Shielding dB @30 MHz - dB @1.5 GHz

53 -58

Electrical Resistivity (Surface (Ω/sq) )


Max Operating Temperature (°C)


RoHS Compliant



Thermal Conductivity and Spreading -In-plane conductivity above 550 W/mK

Electrical Properties - Formulations are available with surface resistivity ranging as low as 0.04 Ω/sq


Potential applications include:

• Thermal management and heat spreading

• EMI Shielding

• Electrodes for batteries and Supercapacitors



  • Consumer electronics: smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs
  • LED lighting
  • Energy storage
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military and aerospace


Graphene Sheet -SEM Image




Graphene Sheet- Raman 



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