Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion, Purity: 99.5%, Black Liquid, GO: 2,0 wt%

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Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion

Purity: 99.5%, Black Liquid, GO: 2,0 wt% 

Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion is black, odorless and very stable liquid which is suitable for the preparation of
reduced graphene and graphene film. Graphene Oxide (GO) water dispersion has a wide range of applications such as
transparent conductive films/coatings, solar energy, bio-sensing material, super capacitors and many more. Nanografi
supplies graphene oxide water dispersion with high quantity and more types for different applications. 

Technical Properties:  

GO Purity (%) 99,5    
GO Thickness (nm) 0,5-1,3 (single layer)  
GO Diameter (µm) 2,0-6,0    
Appearance Black  
Concentration  (wt%) 2,0 (can be easily diluted)
Elemental Analysis C O S
  68,75 31,02 0,17


Graphene Oxide (GO) is the oxidized form of graphene nanoplatelets. It can be reduced with various chemical or physical treatments.
In many of the chemical exfoliation experiments graphene is synthesized by reducing graphene oxide which comes from chemically
treated graphite powder. Graphene oxide is also an attractive material for electronics industry because of its semiconducting properties.
Graphene oxide is generally hydrophilic and can be dispersed in water (as it is in this dispersion). 


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