CNTs-High Impact Polystyrene Resin Matrix, CNTs: 22 wt%, HIPS: 78 wt%

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CNTs-High Impact Polystyrene Resin Matrix

CNTs: 22 wt%, HIPS: 78 wt%

Technical Properties:             

Carbon Nanotubes  
Purity > 95 wt%
Outside Diameter (nm) >50
Inside Diameter (nm) 5.0-15.0
Length (μm) 5.0-20.0
Manufacturing Method CVD
Color black
High Impact Polystyrene Resin Matrix  
Content 78 wt%


The product can be used as a composite material. It can be used in electronic products. It can be also used as a flame retardant antistatic
composite material. 
The product has excellent wear resistance and excellent impact resistance. It has good stability and its electrical resistivity
can be controlled by changing the amount of the carbon nanotubes. 


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