Carbon Nanotubes Metal Tapes with Copper (Cu) 13 wt%, Thickness: 22 µm, Dia: 47 mm

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Carbon Nanotubes Metal Tapes with Copper (Cu) 13 wt%

Thickness: 22 µm , Dia: 47 mm

Technical Properties:

MWCNT Purity 99.9 wt%
MWCNT Outside Diameter 6-20 nm
MWCNT Inside Diameter 2-6 nm
Thickness 22 µm
Cu Metal Content 13 wt%
Electrical Conductivity 3.5x10 S/m
Strength 65-110 Mpa
Bending Property bendable


Carbon Nanotube Metal Tapes are promising materials for flexible electronics.They have high intrinsic carrier mobility, high conductivity,
and mechanical flexibility.
They can be used in flexible electronics as the channel material in field-effect transistors (FETs), and as electrodes.
They can be used in a variety of
flexible electronic products such as:flexible circuits, flexible displays, flexible solar cells, and sensors.


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