Carbon Nanotube Fibres, Fiber diameter: 5-12 µm, Tensile Strength: 800-1000 MPa, Electrical conductivity: 5×10^4~7×10^4 S/m

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Carbon Nanotube Fibres,

Fiber Diameter: 5-12 µm, Tensile Strength 800-1000 MPa, Electrical conductivity 5×104~7×104 S/m

Carbon nanotube fibers have moderate to high strengths. Also, they possess good electrical conductivity and very low density. Due to these properties, carbon nanotube fibers can be integrated into fabrics and composites. Their area of usage involves their use as stand-alone or embedded sensors. Moreover, their high strength, stiffness, thermal and electrical conductivity enable their use as functional reinforcements in composite materials, in active heating/cooling systems, electrical conductivity/EMI shielding mechanisms such as CNT/epoxy composites and in atmospheric anti-threat detection in UAVs.

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