Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper with Metal 0.8%, Thickness: 28 µm, Diameter: 35-39 mm

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Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper with Metal 0.8%

Thickness: 28 µm, MWCNT Purity: 99.5 wt%, Metal Content: > 0.8 wt%

1 piece Diameter: 35-39 mm

Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper which is made up of the carbon nanotubes, is 10 times lighter but potentially 500 times stronger than steel. Due to its unique properties, carbon nanotube buckypaper is envisioned as a marvelously new material for light, energy-efficient aircraft and automobiles, more powerful computers, improved TV screens and many other products. For applications requiring the highest quality, we offer Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper with lowest prices. 

Technical Properties: 

MWCNT Purity 99.5 wt%
MWCNT Outside Diameter 6-20 nm
MWCNT Inside Diameter 2-6 nm
Thickness 28 µm
Metal Content >0.8 wt%
Electrical Conductivity 110 S/m
Strength 5.0-12.0 MPa
Bending Property little fragile


Carbon Nanotube Buckypapers with Metals have high strength with good electric conductivıty. They can be used in the following applications:
1-Conducting electricity and dispersing heat.
2-Super capacitors.
3-Electromagnetic interference shielding.
4-Electrodes for fuel cells, supercapacitors and batteries.
5-Ultra-high strength structures.
6-Medical devices.
7-Flat panel displays. 


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