18650 Cylinder Cell Case

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  • 18650 Cylinder Cell Case - NG08BE0201
  • 18650 Cylinder Cell Case
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18650 Cylinder Cell Case

OD: 18 mm, ID: 17.5 mm, H: 67 mm

18650 Cylinder Cell Case continues to be one of the most widely used packaging styles for primary
and secondary batteries. The advantages are ease of manufacture and good mechanical stability.
The tubular cylinder can withstand high internal pressures without deforming. We are glad to provide
18650 Cylinder Cell Case with low prices and high quality. 

Technical Properties:


   Cap with Built-in PTC Thermistor

Dimensions (Dia x Height)

  • Case: 18 mm(OD) x 17.5 mm(ID) x 67 mm(H)
  • Top Cap: 17.5 mm(D) x 4.05 mm(H)
  • Top Insulator: 12.5 mm(D) x 0.19 mm(H)
  • Bottom Insulator: 12.5 mm(D) x 0.19 mm(H)


  • Case and cap made of  Nickel plated A3 steel
  • Seal O-ring and spacer are made of nylon 


    9.50 g/pcs


  Safety valve's open pressure: 2.5 MPa (the cap valve will open to release interior 
  high pressure if over 2.5 MPa to  ensure no explosion from the can)


18650 Cylinder Cell Case with Anti-Explosive Cap & Insulation O-ring

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