Elemental Micron Powder

Elemental Micron Powder

Ultra-fine particles or micronization of the elements found in nature are elemental micron powders. Manufacturers currently offer freeze-ground powders. Spraying at very low temperature, in liquid nitrogen (cooled below its boiling point to -196 ° C), which blocks enzymatic reactions (for example fermentation). Nitrogen is a neutral gas that does not interfere with the material. The cryogenic technique allows easy grinding, the plant becoming very brittle. The sample is then collected after evaporation of the nitrogen the grain size after grinding is finer therefore better bio-availability any degradation is avoided during manufacturing (but not afterward). The granulometry (degree of fineness of the powder) plays a big role, it is better with a very fine elemental powder. It has poor stability over time and volatility of essential oils, redox process, enzymatic degradations. According to its nature, it is recommended to not prepare powders in large quantities at the same time, because most elemental powders keep better. We should use the micronized powder in a short time after manufacture.

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  • Samarium (Sm) Micron Powder, Purity: 99.5 %, Size: 325 mesh- NG07RE0801

    Samarium (Sm) Micron Powder, Purity: 99.5 %, Size: 325 mesh

                             100 grams/775 €               Please contact us for quotes on larger quantities !!!  Samarium...
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