Gold Nanostars, Size: 40-45 nm

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Gold Nanostars, 40-45 nm


Gold Nanostars are gold nanoparticles having multiple sharp and pointed branches in a genuine star-shaped. This unique shape enables them to have several thermoplasmonic and electromagnetic properties. Because gold nanoparticles have easy surface functionalization with biorecognition molecules, they are very suitable to use in biosensing studies and applications. Also, because gold nanoparticles are ultrafine in size, they are used diversely in the medical field in areas such as immunosensing, biolabels and drug delivery. These properties are valuable considering their use in disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Its application areas include usage in COVID-19 researches, biosensors, medical diagnostics, plasmon-enhanced or tip-enhanced spectroscopy, cancer therapies, and other biomedical and optical applications. 





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