Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment

At Nanografi, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment designed for research laboratories, institutes, and biotechnology companies.

Our advanced equipment is designed to meet the diverse needs of scientific research and industrial applications. From ultrasonic homogenizers to coin cell punching machines, mini pellet presses to high-energy ball mills, we provide cutting-edge solutions for your experimental and production requirements. Experience the Nanografi's cutting-edge technology of our high-quality equipment designed for various applications:

  • Ultrasonic homogenizer
  • Coin cell punching machine
  • Mini pellet press
  • PTFE Inside Chamber for Hydrothermal Synthesis Autoclave Reactors
  • PPL Inside Chamber for Hydrothermal Synthesis Autoclave Reactors
  • Pneumatic Die Cutting Machine For Battery Electrode Cutting
  • High Energy Ball Mill
  • Three Roll Mill
  • Roll to Roll PE-CVD System for Continuous Graphene or 2D Film Growth
  • Three Roll Mill Lab Model
  • High Speed Homogenizer (27,000 rpm)

Discover the precision, efficiency, and reliability of Nanografi's equipment for your research and production needs.

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