Gallium Ingot, Purity: 99.99%, Metal Basis

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5 grams/38                          
25 grams/117                        
100 grams/388    
500 grams/876    
1000 grams/1588

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Gallium Ingot

Purity: 99.99%, Metal Basis 

Applications :

Gallium shows different properties that are not found in other metals. These properties include its inertness, nontoxicity and
melting point which is slightly above room temperature. Gallium is used in many electronic applications in semiconductors
parts such as, transistors and amplifiers. It is also used in Light Emitting Diode (LED) for electronic displays and watches. It is
also used in the formation of different low melting alloys plus the making of different mirrors and glass coatings to form bright
and highly reflective surfaces. Another useful application for Gallium is its usage in the manufacturing of high temperature thermometers.


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