Silicene Ethanol Dispersion 1 mg/mL

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Silicine is two dimensional allotrope of Silicon. Silicene is a newly discovered material with a hexagonal structure it is silicon’s thinnest possible form present. Silicene has a periodically bulked topology as it is not flat so the coupling between the layers in the Silicene is way more strong than graphene. Silicene started to attract attention due to its electrical properties. It is extremely chemically active on the surface and the electronic states of silicene is easy to be tuned through chemical functionalization. Silicene is also known for its thermally stability.



  • Silicene clusters are appropriate for applications of field-effect transistor devices.
  • Silicene has a band gap so it can develop nanoscale semiconductors with a broad number of applications, including microprocessor chips and light-emitting diodes.
  • It can also be used in photodetectors, gas sensors and spin filters.

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