Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Nanopowder/Nanoparticles, Purity: 96.3+%, Size: 18-35 nm, KH550 Coated

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Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Nanopowder/Nanoparticles

Purity: 96.3+%, Size: 18-35 nm, KH550 Coated 

Technical Properties:

Purity (%) 96.3+        
Color white        
Average Particle Size (nm) 18-35        
Specific Surface Area (m2/g)    150-550        
Bulk Density (g/cm3) <0.1        
True Density (g/cm3) 2,2        
Elemental Analysis (%) SiO2 : KH550 Fe Ca Ti Na
  96.3 : 3-4 0.02 0.002 0.012 0.025

Chemical Properties

Silicon dioxide nanoparticles coated with KH550-Silane coupling agent is super oleophilic, and hydrophilic. It is suitable for both oily and waterborne systems. 


Silicon dioxide nanoparticle is used as additive for plastics, rubber, ceramics, porcelain, glass, adhesives, fibers, and many other products. It is added to concrete and construction composites as strengthening filler. It has also applications in biomedical field such as drug delivery and theranostics. Silicon dioxide is also used in environmental protection products. Silane KH-550 is used to increase mechanical, electrical, anti-aging, and water resistance properties for organic polymers and inorganic fillers.  


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