Iron Nickel Cobalt (Fe-Ni-Co) Alloy Nanopowder/Nanoparticles, Size: 35-95 nm, Fe:Ni:Co/55:28:17

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Iron Nickel Cobalt (Fe-Ni-Co) Alloy Nanopowder/Nanoparticles

Size: 35-95 nm, Fe:Ni:Co/55:28:17 

Technical Properties:

Alloy Ratio (Fe-Ni-Co) 55-28-17
Average Particle Size (nm) 35-95

Properties, Storage and Cautions:

Fe-Ni-Co alloy nanoparticles are highly reactive, therefore it should be handled with care and rapid moves, vibrations should be avoided.
The powder should be kept away from sunlight, any kind of heating, moisture and impacts. Coagulation of the particles is a serious
problem, so, the powder should be sealed under vacuum and should be kept in cool and dry conditions. Air contact should be avoided. 


Fe-Ni-Co alloys are known for their low thermal expansion coefficient comparable to glasses used in high temperatures. Different than metals,
they can be sealed to borosilicate glass. It gives applications to the alloy such as vacuum tubes, light bulbs, electronic devices, cathode ray tubes...


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