Cobalt Aluminate Blue Spinel Nanopowder CoAl2O4 Size: 300-500 nm

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Cobalt Aluminate Blue Spinel Nanopowder (CoAl 2 O 4 )

Size: 300-500 nm
Product No: NG10NPW0950
Appearance: Blue Powder
Density: 4.3 g/cm 3
pH: 7.5
Oil Absorption: 25 g/100g
Heat Fastness: ≥1000℃
Light Fastness: ≥8
Acid Fastness: ≥5
Alkali Fastness: ≥5
Pigment index number: PB28 77346

Cobalt aluminate blue spinel (CoAl2O4) is produced by calcining, at high temperature, a mixture
of cobalt (II) oxide, and aluminum (III) oxide in varied ratios forming a interdiffused crystalline
spinel. It may include any one or more modifiers MgO, ZnO, Li2O and/or TiO2. Cobalt blue
pigments are the most durable blue pigments commercially available. They have excellent
chemical and heat stability, and can be used in chemically aggressive environments and
exterior durable applications without color fade.

Cobalt aluminate blue pigment has good ultraviolet and visible light opacity, is chemically inert,
heat resistant, and stable to ultraviolet light. It is non-bleeding and nonmigratory. It has
exceptional durability and hiding power, and is generally used in applications where resistance
to heat, light, and weather are needed. It is compatible with most resin systems and polymers,
and is nonwarping. Typical applications (non inclusive) are liquid and powder coatings, inks,
dispersions, concrete, plastics, and other applications where equivalent pigment chemistry is

IR Plastics:

  •  PVC applications including siding and window profiles
  • Plastic roof tiles
  • Automotive applications including dashboards, steering wheels and upholstery
  • Single-ply roofing systems

Cool Coatings:

  •  Coil coatings for roofs
  •  Exterior paints for roofs and façades
  •  Roof singles
  •  Sport fields
  •  Automotive coatings

Construction / Building Materials:

  •  Cementitious stuccos, mortars and grouts
  •  Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS)
  •  Ready Mix Concrete
  •  Precast concrete blocks and panels

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