Zirconium Diboride (ZrB2) Micron Powder, Purity: 99.5%, Size: 5.5 μm, Hexagonal

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Zirconium Diboride (ZrB2) Micron Powder

Purity: 99.5%, Size: 5.5 μm, Hexagonal 

Technical Properties:

Purity (%) 99.5      
Color black      
Average Particle Size (μm) 5.5        
Melting Point (°C) 3040         
Zeta Potential (mV) 46,20      
Crystal Phase hexagonal      
Elemental Analysis (%) Zr B N Si
  80.0 18,90 0.08 0.1


Zirconium diboride powder has high hardness, high thermal conductivity, good oxidation resistance, and good anti corrosion ability.
It is used in special ceramic refractory industry, nuclear industry, space industry, and military industry. It is also used as surface
coating af rolling balls and in smooth solid materials.


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