Materials For COVID-19

Materials For COVID-19

So far, no evident treatment or vaccine has been suggested for the treatment of COVID-19 except for some conventionally used medication used to improve the immune system. However, the interesting and surprising properties of chemical compounds, especially nanodrugs can significantly contribute not only to the medicine and pharmaceutics, but they can also emerge is promising solutions to stop the deadly COVID-19 outbreak across the world.

There is a hope that nanoparticles can make a change due to their size and intensified properties induced by the severe increase in surface area to volume ratio. The coronavirus structure reveals similarities with nanoparticles. The idea is nanoscale particles, as small as the virus, can interact with spike proteins or bind to them with the consequent disruption of the viral structure through applying electromagnetic radiation mainly infrared light. The resulting structural destruction can suppress the ability of the virus and its genome to multiply and reproduce within a host.

Nanoparticles can be modified/functionalized to attack a particular or a rage of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Considering their size, modified nanoparticles can move through the body in bloodstream without causing problems or disrupting other functions, especially those that engage in human immune system and can remain much longer in the body to detect viruses.     

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